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Help & Info about Spades for Windows 10 for windows

  • What is Spades for Windows 10?

    This app is a card game which you can play on your own. It reproduces the classic card game of Spades on your computer without the need for three other players to be assembled for the fun to begin. The computer will act as your partner plus the two other players that you are playing against.
  • Is Spades for Windows 10 free?

    Yes, it is. This game is completely free to download and start playing. There are no subscription fees or in-app purchases to worry about so you can get going without the need for any transactions.
  • How do you play Spades for Windows 10?

    You are dealt a hand in the game which only you can see. From this, you must bid how many tricks that you and your partner will expect to win. To do this you need to estimate the likelihood of winning tricks based on how many spades and high cards in other suits you have. The game uses a standard pack of playing cards where Aces are high and spades are always the trump suit.
  • Does Spades for Windows 10 work with Windows 7?

    No, it won't. Spades was developed for Windows 7 and this game is still available. However, the Windows 10 edition is only suited to devices that are running Windows 8.1 or higher for their operating system.
  • Does Spades for Windows 10 work with HoloLens?

    Yes, it does. HoloLens is Microsoft's holographic computer which comes with a head-mounted display for a more immersive gaming experience. You can use it when you are playing Spades, if you wish.
  • What modes are there with Spades for Windows 10?

    There are a number of playing modes available in this app. Firstly, you can play in normal mode, whereby you attempt to win tricks, and suicide mode, in which you attempt to lose them. In addition to those modes, you can select from two difficulty settings depending on your playing ability.
  • How much memory does Spades for Windows 10 need?

    This app takes up just 36.9 MB of space on your computer's hard drive. As such, it is one of the lower memory usage games around.
  • Is Spades for Windows 10 suitable for kids?

    Yes, it is. With a PEGI 3 rating, you can rest assured that none of the game content is inappropriate for children who will find it a fun mental challenge.
  • What languages are supported by Spades for Windows 10?

    English, German, Spanish and French are all languages that the game will allow you to choose when you install it. Some of the other supported languages are Portuguese, Dutch, Polish and Russian.
  • Does Spades for Windows 10 use artificial intelligence?

    In order for your computer opponent to play strategically against you, the app does use its own artificial intelligence algorithms. The same programming is used in the software to allow your computer partner to play with you. However, teaming up with this player is not always easy and so each bid requires careful thought.


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