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Spades for Windows 10

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Free Game for Cards Lovers

Spades for Windows 10 is a special desktop app that provides users with a digital version of the popular card game Spades. While the game is usually played with four people, this version has been specially created so that it can be enjoyed alone in much the same way as Solitaire.

Going Solo

Even for those who have never played Spades before, getting to grips with Spades for Windows 10 is fairly easy. Players have the choice of playing a standard game against the computer where the game ends with a score of 500, or going for Suicide Mode. The computer keeps track of scores automatically and displays statistics and a number of other aspects, although it is not possible for players to chance the deck design or music.

Time for Another Hand

People who find themselves with time to kill while at work or at home and enjoy classic card games should make sure that they take a look at Spades for Windows 10. Although there is not much here to keep fans of action games entertained, with two difficulty levels to choose from and two styles of game there is enough to provide a pleasant diversion for at least a few minutes.


  • Free to download and play
  • Easy to play


  • Can Get rather repetitive
  • A bit on the basic side

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Spades for Windows 10


Spades for Windows 10

User reviews about Spades for Windows 10

  • crz 666

    by crz 666

    Your partner doesn't really play along with you. He should play with you, not against you. Other than that it's ok.

  • Pam Cochrane

    by Pam Cochrane

    It is a great to play for hours!!!! I would tell everyone to get this game for your mind to stay sharp and alert!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    why did you change something that wasn't broken.
    The worst game ever, I loved playing internet spades on windows 7 but windows 8 More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Horrible programming does not mimic real world play at all.
    Terrible programming! Not even close to how the game is played in reaMore

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